Services Provided by Lancashire Mole Wasp Rabbit Control

It's probably pretty obvious from my company name that I only specialise in Moles Wasps and Rabbits. I am not your general pest control operative, as I do not offer any services for the control of rats, mice, squirrels, bedbugs, cluster flies, moths, ants, cockroaches, birds or any other pest species.

So that's it, JUST Moles Rabbits Bees and Wasps in that order and nothing else.

I could quite happily just do mole catching for my farm clients all year round, as I have an extensive of list farms that is growing each year, that and shoot a few rabbits whilst I'm trapping moles, what more could I wish for.

But things are never that straightforward.

Witnessing many times the unnecessary destruction of bumble bee colonies, whilst mole catching in a domestic garden, when the nest could easily have been re-homed, made me decide to offer a re-homing service. My mole work provides the ideal places to re-home bumble bees. I have 1000's of acres of farmland at my disposal to move a colony to, and many of my more well informed domestic mole customers actually want a colony of bumble bees and now ask for one to put in their flower gardens for the summer.

As for wasps, I've nothing against them as they are beneficial in a garden, however the nest needs to be some distance from me, if we are to get along together. This raises problems, both for me trying to set mole traps next to a wasp nest in a garden, and for the home owner in whose garden I'm setting mole traps when he discovers he has developing wasp nest above his front door. 

Once word got around that I re-homed  bumble bees, it wasn't long before I started getting requests from the general public and local members of the British Bee Keeping Association to ask if I could sort out a wasp nest or a problem honey bee colony. So wasp and honey bees are now included in with my summer work.

My Bumble Bee re-homing is all done after dark, so it ties in very nicely with my rabbit culling, which is also done under the cover of darkness. So overall my mole catching is largely unaffected, but sometimes I do wish for a 30 hour day, as 24 hours is just too short when you enjoy your work as much as I do.

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