Services Provided by Lancashire Mole Wasp Rabbit Control

It's probably pretty obvious from my company name that I only specialise in Moles Wasps and Rabbits. I am not your general pest control operative, as I do not offer any services for the control of rats, mice, squirrels, bedbugs, cluster flies, moths, ants, cockroaches, birds or any other pest species.

So that's it, JUST Moles Rabbits and Wasps and nothing else.

I could quite happily just do mole catching for my farm clients all year round, as I have an extensive of list farms that is growing each year, that and control the rabbits whilst I'm trapping moles, what more could I wish for.

But over the years, domestic demand for my mole catching services has grown as homeowners realised that to catch a mole quickly and efficiently, you need a mole catcher, not a general pest controller. 

As for the wasps, I've nothing against them as they are beneficial in a garden. However if I'm trapping moles in a garden the nest needs to be some distance from me if we are all to get along together. I started to treat ground nests that were too close for comfort and demand grew from there to treat wasp nests inside properties as well.