Pricing Explained

I'm often asked why I have different charges for mole catching. It's a simple answer really, My Time. When mole catching on farmland I'm catching upwards of 10 moles in the same time I spend at a domestic garden with three visits to catch 1 garden mole.

There is no way farmers can afford to pay my domestic rates if I am catching 50+ a day, so all genuine agricultural mole control is charged for by the hour.

Domestic mole catching rates are roughly based on the time I actually spend in the garden, setting and checking the traps and the travel time and fuel cost of travelling to a garden.

Commercial mole control is completely different as I often spend a considerable amount of time on preparing and supplying the necessary paperwork to the relevant departments before I even set a trap. Here the charge is based on the hours worked irrespective of the number of moles trapped.

It is my time, extensive knowledge, experience and skills that you are paying for.

The number of moles that I catch each year proves that I know my stuff and what I'm talking about.

Fortunately wasp and rabbit pricing is much more straight forward. For a start off you can actually see the pests do are dealing with, unlike trapping moles, so it makes the job a whole lot easier.

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