Lancashire's 1st Master Mole Catcher using the skills and techniques of the traditional mole catcher for effective modern day mole control.

Welcome to the website for Lancashire Mole Control, Lancashire Wasp Control and Lancashire

Rabbit Control.

I provide a professional, efficient and effective means of eradicating problems with moles, wasps and rabbits.

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Services are offered for the trapping and catching of moles, the treatment and removal of wasp nests and the culling of rabbits to most parts of Lancashire and the North West of England,

for locations such as:

  • Farmland and Agricultural Businesses

  • Stables, Riding Schools and other Equestrian Businesses

  • Country Halls and Estates

  • Golf Courses and Sports Grounds

  • Parks and Schools

  • Commercial Properties and Businesses

  • Churches and Cemeteries

  • Local Councils

I am a registered supplier of these services to Lancashire County Council,

And proud to be a member and supporter of The Guild of British Molecatchers and The Guild of Master Molecatchers

The Guild of British Molecatchers

The Guild of Master Molecatchers

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