Mole Catching Prices and Information for Domestic Homeowners

Once you have contacted Lancashire Mole Control, I will arrange to visit your garden to assess the extent of the problem. 

Having done so, I will explain as much as you wish to know about the work involved.

I will give you a fixed price quotation for the removal of all moles caught during a 3 visit trapping session and a further one week guarantee to return and catch any new invading moles for just the cost of travel at .50p per mile.

  Lancashire Mole Control - Mole catching pricing and costs for homeowners.

Quotes are based on the distance you live from my Preston address.

Quotes are for up to 3 visits. One to set traps and up to two follow-up trap checks.

Quotes are based for average sized domestic gardens up to 30 yards by 30 yards.

There is no charge if no moles are caught.

Up to  5  miles                   £60.00

Up to 10 miles                   £75.00

Up to 15 miles                   £90.00

Up to 20 miles                   £105.00

Up to 25 miles                   £120.00

Up to 30 miles                   £135.00

Over 30 miles, Please contact for price.

Remember, if I don’t catch your mole there is no charge what so ever.

If more than 3 visits are required because of higher than normal mole numbers, and traps are still catching on the 3rd visit, then these extra visits will be chargeable at .50p per mile per round trip.

You will be advised if any extra visits are required before any additional work takes place


Once I have decided that I have accounted for all the current moles in your garden and removed all of my traps, then your one week guarantee begins. If you see any new mole hills in this period, just call me and I'll attend and set fresh traps, subject to the additional travel charges.

Very large domestic gardens with obvious evidence of a high mole population, or mole activity in many different areas of the garden and properties more than 30 miles away will be provided with a separate quotation to take into account the extra time and/or travel costs involved. Extra large gardens that only have mole activity in one area will be treated and charged at the normal rates listed above. 

In an attempt to reduce paper wastage all domestic invoices will now be sent via email where possible.

Please could you ensure you provide me with the correct email address.

Important Information Regarding Possible Delays In Attending Your Mole Problem

Due to increasing work loads from my agricultural clients, there may be times when I’m not able to offer my previous immediate response to a garden mole problem.


This is because most of my agricultural customers now book me 12 months in advance each year, irrespective of the level of mole infestation they may or may not have. As soon as I have finished this years trapping of their land, I'm booked for the following year at the same time. Agricultural mole control has and always will be my 1st priority.


When you contact me I will be able to tell you there and then if there is going to be a delay in getting to deal with your mole problem. I'm generally operating at maximum capacity from early October through to the end of May. 


If you live near to, or on route to a farm that I’m currently working on then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if you live 50 miles away in the opposite direction, then there will be inevitable delays.

In these situations I strongly advise you find another mole catcher who is not as busy as me, as quickly as possible.

Unlike my farm clients who are prepared to wait for my services, knowing that the moles are not going to magically disappear from 200 acres of farmland overnight, a garden mole needs to be removed as soon as it makes an appearance on your lawn. A mole can make a right mess of a lawn in just a few hours and equally it can decide to leave your garden just as quickly as it had arrived. It may or may not return to continue it's tunneling.   

You need to act quickly with a garden mole. Of course you could wait to see what the mole intends to do, but I would advise giving it no more than 48 hours to make up it's mind.